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Dashboards with Shiny

7 Topics • 0 Exercises • 41 Quizzes

Bring your data to life with advanced reporting capabilities in R. Clearly communicate your insights with sophisticated interactive reports and dashboards using RMarkdown and Shiny.

Intermediate difficulty

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    • Key facts

    • Apply the reactive programming paradigm to create truly interactive dashboards.
    • Use the flexdashboard and shinydashboard frameworks for rich user interfaces which look great.
    • Deploy your dashboards to production using docker on-premises or in the cloud.


    7 Topics • 0 Exercises • 41 Quizzes


    Get an introduction to general Shiny concepts and see the first example apps in action.

    Shiny Basics

    Create your first Shiny app with the most fundamental user interface (UI) components.

    Advanced Shiny Concepts

    Understand reactive programming concepts and make your app truly interactive. Add more advanced UI features by customizing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and including additional CSS/Javascript dependencies.


    Create your first dashboards using the flexdashboard and shinydashboard frameworks.

    Productionizing Shiny

    Put your interactive Shiny application to production. Create an R package with your Shiny code and put it into a docker container for easier maintenance.

    Preparation Exercise


    Create a NYTimes newsreader app to prepare for the upcoming workshop.



    2 Days Workshop covering the full creation, adaption, debugging and deployment of a Shiny application.

    Reactive Programming

    Learn how to apply reactive programming concepts in the context of R and Shiny. Build rich user interfaces and visualizations which change based on reactive values. Structure reactive programming flows efficiently and understand how they can be structured in Shiny. Create re-usable shiny components and integrate them in larger Shiny applications.

    Improve the user experience of your applications by integrating interactive elements like plots and tables. Elements like plotly visualizations and DT tables can be linked together to achieve even more interactivity in your Shiny dashboard.

    Shiny Dashboards

    Create a basic shiny app and see which building blocks are required. In order to build dashboard applications you get an introduction to the two most popular frameworks flexdashboard and shinydashboard.

    See how to create dashboards consisting of multiple pages and customize them to your needs. Learn how to present content effectively to your audience and speed-up development using re-usable components. Speed-up your flexdashboard load times using the shiny::prerendered runtime.

    Shiny in Production

    Making Shiny applications available to a larger audience requires additional efforts, most importantly setting up your own server. Learn how to make your continuous development process rock solid and setup code management and continuous integration through build pipelines. Discover and remove bottlenecks in your code to create a fluid user experience.

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