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Data Science in Teams

6 Topics • 38 Exercises • 112 Quizzes

Use R effectively in large data science teams - manage code and processes to support continuous integration and deployment. Navigate, integrate and submit code to public repositories like CRAN, Github and R-Forge.

Intermediate difficulty

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  • 6 Topics
  • 38 Exercises
  • 112 Quizzes
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    • Key facts

    • Learn how to refactor your code into functions for easier reusability.
    • Create R packages for easier maintenance in production environments.
    • Manage your code in Git version control and collaborate on it with your colleagues.
    • Learn all elements at once during our hands-on workshops.


    6 Topics • 38 Exercises • 112 Quizzes

    Writing Functions

    Learn how to write functions which are easy to understand and increase re-usability without code duplication.


    Learn how to write functions which are easy to understand and increase re-usability without code duplication.

    Git Version Control

    Manage your code in the Git version control and know basic commands like git commit git push or git pull. See how a basic Git workflow looks like and apply strategies to combine multiple code paths using git merge and git rebase.



    Fix and extend an existing R-package to fit your needs and make sure that it can be re-used by a wider audience through documentation and package checks.



    Work collaboratively on an R-project using version control, functions and packages and make your code ready for productive environments.



    Harden your data science skills and collaboratively work on a homework project with your team.

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