Ship data science products faster

Deploying production-ready data science products involves many challenges for data scientists including software setup, automatic scaling and hardware maintenance. With QBits you can move faster from sketching out ideas to production ready deployment.

QBit Workspace provides a state-of-the-art editor from your browser enabling instant sharing of QBits with our community.

Access over 16.000 R packages with just one click.

Free Courses

The best way to start your data science journey

We are developing free educational resources that are accessible to everyone. The best way of learning is by doing. That’s why our learning platform includes 100+ interactive exercises and quizzes, each handcrafted.

Topics range from learning programming to making plots and charts to understanding Machine Learning.


We help your business thrive

We provide expertise and know-how in key areas of your data science pipeline, or help you build it in the first place.

Our experts have been part of the data science community for many years. They have contributed to multiple R data products, presented their findings at conferences and published in renowned journals. Together they bring decades of R programming experience to the table.


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Our certified RStudio trainers offer in-house and online workshops for your teams. Additionally, we are re-seller for RStudio products and offer consulting services including demos, setup, hosting and maintenance. Check out the products page and contact us to get your first demo.