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Advanced Data Transformation

6 Topics • 127 Exercises • 12 Quizzes

Efficiently transform and plot data using the most sophisticated tools available in R. Transform data in base-R, dplyr and data.table for rich, interactive data visualizations in ggplot2 and plotly.

Intermediate difficulty

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  • 6 Topics
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  • 12 Quizzes
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    • Key facts

    • Learn how to build efficient data pipelines with easy-to-use dplyr verbs.
    • Create high-performance data transformations with data.table.
    • Bring your data to life with interactive plots using plotly and r2d3.


    6 Topics • 127 Exercises • 12 Quizzes

    Writing Functions

    Learn how to write functions which are easy to understand and increase re-usability without code duplication.

    Writing Functions

    Learn how to write functions which are easy to understand and increase re-usability without code duplication.

    Data Wrangling with dplyr

    Learn to use the basic dplyr verbs to filter rows, select columns and sort/arrange datasets in combination with the pipe %>% operator. Tidy your data with more complex transformations and apply various join operators.

    Data Wrangling with data.table

    Do assignments, joins and aggregations faster with data.table using various optimizations including keys and re-use of objects in memory (no copy).


    Re-cap of the Grammar of Graphics implemented in ggplot2 syntax using geometric objects, aesthethic mappings and facet plots.

    Data Wrangling Examples


    Apply your data wrangling skills using a real and synthetic dataset to answer questions about your dataset quickly.

    base-R, dplyr and data.table

    Transform large and complex data sets using base-R and popular libraries like dplyr and data.table. Master dplyr verbs quickly and build data processing pipelines for modelling and plotting. Unleash the power of data.table with optimized, lightning fast merges and queries and see how it compares to dplyr and base-R in terms of speed and usability.

    R Base Graphics, ggplot2 and Interactive Plotting

    Convert your data to different layouts (e.g. 3rd normal form aka tidy data) using packages like reshape2. Plot your data sets with base-R, and ggplot2. See how every single detail of base-R plots can be customized. Learn advanced ggplot2 skills by creating your own geoms and customize themes for your corporate identity. Tell compelling stories and transport your data insights clearly through great visualizations. Make your visualizations even more appealing through interactive plots created with packages like plotly or r2d3.

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