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Skill up your team

From basic statistics and modelling to machine learning and advanced reporting, our training modules cover all major data science aspects.


We are experts in training. Our Certified skill tracks combine our powerful online learning platform with live workshops and in-depth personal training sessions.

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Building predictive models: Using your in-house data we build and validate machine learning models, combined with external data sources and deployed at scale.

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We integrate a high-performance data science infrastructure within your company to make the most of open-source tools like R- and Python—either in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCloud) or on-premises (Kubernetes).

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Get your team up to speed, from fundamentals all the way up to advanced skills needed for production applications. Our all-in-one Certified track teaches your team all the skills required to be productive with modern data science practices—including the latest and greatest tools and libraries.

Data literacy is essential for jobs in the 21st century. Enable your team to create data insights with the two most popular open source tools available: R and Python. Our powerful course platform helps your entire team to stay motivated through the online trainings.



Each course module oscillates between self-study and live workshops, and ends with a one-on-one final skill assessment with our instructors. A typical module takes between 1-2 months to be fully completed.

Training schedule example. The exact schedule will be tailored to your needs.

Step 1

Online Training

Our interactive course platform engages participants in highly sophisticated concepts and is a valuable resource for looking up information.

Step 2

Live Workshops

Get hands-on with our instructors and dive deep into practical coding sessions, Q&A and fruitful discussions.

Step 3

Certificate Assessments

Participants can enroll themselves in lesson- and course-specific assessments. The "Certified" skill-tracks also include a final one-on-one call with our instructors.



Single module

600€ per seat

Certified Data Scientist

2500€ per seat
In-depth learning materials
1-year PRO subscription
Online Assessment & Trainings
Dedicated Slack channel
Live Workshops
Oral skill assessment
4 Modules

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Our certified RStudio trainers offer in-house and online workshops for your teams. Additionally, we are re-seller for RStudio products and offer consulting services including demos, setup, hosting and maintenance. Check out the products page and contact us to get your first demo.

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