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We are experts in training. Our certified skill tracks combine our powerful online learning platform with live workshops and in-depth personal training sessions.


Data literacy is essential for jobs in the 21st century. Enable your team to create data insights with the two most popular open source tools available: R and Python. Our powerful course platform helps your entire team to stay motivated through the online trainings.

From fundamentals all the way up to advanced skills needed for production applications, our all-in-one Certified track teaches your team all the skills required to be productive with modern data science practices—including the latest and greatest tools and libraries.


Each course module oscillates between self-study and live workshops, and ends with a one-on-one final skill assessment with our instructors. A typical module takes between 1-2 months to be fully completed.

Training schedule example. The exact schedule will be tailored to your needs.

Step 1

Online Training

Our interactive course platform engages participants in highly sophisticated concepts and is a valuable resource for looking up information.

Step 2

Live Workshops

Get hands-on with our instructors and dive deep into practical coding sessions, Q&A and fruitful discussions.

Step 3

Certificate Assessments

Participants can enroll themselves in lesson- and course-specific assessments. The "Certified" skill-tracks also include a final one-on-one call with our instructors.

Upcoming Workshops

Introduction to R

This course is designed for those who have little to no prior programming experience in R or any other programming language. Its aim is to build up from the basics and teach you the capabilities of R. By the end of this course you will have acquired a valuable new skill for exploring datasets and creating impressive visualizations.


Advanced Data Transformation

Transform large and complex data sets using base R and popular package ecosystems like tidyverse and data.table. See how these packages compare in terms of speed and usability. Master dplyr verbs quickly and build data processing pipelines for modelling and plotting.


Machine Learning with tidymodels

In this workshop you will learn how all pieces of the tidymodels framework fit together and quickly create highly performing machine learning models.

Meet your trainer

Mario Annau – Founder & CEO Quantargo

Data scientist working on big data projects in the financial industry. Mario has previously worked in the areas of market risk management, proprietary trading and research and is the organizer of the Vienna-R meetup. Mario has contributed various R packages and conference talks and has been part of the R community for several years.


Enroll for a single module, or become a certified data scientist

Single module
Certified Data Scientist
Modules included14
Personalized certificates upon completion of the course and assessment
Cheat sheets and content summaries based on progress
Online assessments with unlimited retakes
Lifetime access to module contents, certificate, cheat sheets, and assessments
Email/Chat Support over the entire duration of the workshop
Group project
1-to-1 mentoring
Real world data science project with your own data
Oral exam to become Certified Data Scientist

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