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A great course set-up to get a first insight into the workings of R and to wet your appetite for more – the possibilities seem endless. A very enjoyable experience, thank you!

Liza Glesener, SICONA

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Everything you need to succeed:

  • 15+ in-depth lessons

    Dive into modern data science topics

  • Real-world use cases with full code snippets

    Use them as a starting point for your own projects

  • Personal premium support

    Get answers directly from our course writers


Code Exercises

Learn by Doing

Experiment with interactive code exercises and actual data in a prepared and safe environment. Focus on one new skill at a time and get instant feedback to efficiently memorize new techniques.


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After completing a course you get a unique certificate, which you can download as PDF and include in your portfolio!

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Common Questions

What is included in PRO?

Our PRO subscription includes all our current and any future courses - as long as the subscription is active you have access to everything. Course progress is tracked in the dashboard and after completing a course you get a certificate which you can download and include in your portfolio.

In addition to all courses you also get our Real-World Use Cases collection with hands on code examples. You can try them out online and download them as needed!

Are there any free courses?
Do you have discounts for Non-Profits or people with low income?
Is there a notice period if I want to cancel my subscription?

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