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R for Excel Users

4 Topics • 4 Exercises • 1 Quizzes

Use R as a complementary tool to your current Excel workflow and learn how pivot tables and VLOOKUP can be implemented in R. Create reproducible transformations and use the power of RMarkdown reporting.

Beginner difficulty

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  • 4 Topics
  • 4 Exercises
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    • Key facts

    • Read data from Excel files efficiently using R
    • Write large Excel files with writexl.
    • Use openxlsx to create great looking Excel spreadsheets including features like custom styles and formulas.


    4 Topics • 4 Exercises • 1 Quizzes



    Overview of ways to read and create Excel files using R including readxl, writexl, openxlsx, RODBC, ...

    Read Excel Files

    Read Excel files using readxl and learn strategies to deal with complex files and layouts.

    Write Excel Files

    Write data to Excel quickly using writexl. Create fully-featured Excel files including styles and formulas (and more) using openxlsx.

    Case Studies


    Create custom Excel files based on numerous case studies.

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