Introduction to R
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Introduction to R

Free Course | 4 Lessons | 80 Exercises | R
About this course

"This course is designed for those who have little to no prior programming experience in R or any other programming language. Its aim is to build up from the basics and teach you the capabilities of R. By the end of this course you will have acquired a valuable new skill for exploring datasets and creating impressive visualizations." – Mario, Course author



6 Chapters
8 Quizzes
19 Code Exercises

Start your R journey and learn the most fundamental building blocks of the environmenent. Learn how to use and assign vectors with operators and functions. Use packages to access functions and data from external sources.

Data Frames and Tibbles

5 Chapters
6 Quizzes
7 Code Exercises

Create tabular data structures with data frames and see how they compare to tibbles. Extract column vectors from data frames for computations. Get metadata information like dimensions. Select top- and bottom rows for a quick overview.

Data Transformation with dplyr

5 Chapters
5 Quizzes
13 Code Exercises

Use basic dplyr verbs to filter rows, select columns and sort/arrange datasets in combination with the pipe %>% operator.

Data Visualization with ggplot2

5 Chapters
9 Quizzes
13 Code Exercises

Understand plotting types and the core principles of the grammar of graphics. Create your first visualizations with the ggplot2 package including scatter plots, line graphs and bar charts.