Introduction to R

The most powerful statistical computing language on the planet.

Norman Nie, Founder of SPSS

R is a programming language and environment to work with data. It is loved by statisticians and data scientists for its expressive code syntax and plentiful external libraries and tools and works on all major operating systems.

It is the Swiss army knife for data analysis and statistical computing (and you can make some pretty charts, too!). The R language is easily extensible with packages written by a large and growing community of developers around the world. You can find it pretty much anywhere—it is used by academic institutions, start-ups, international corporations and many more.

This is also reflected by looking at its adoption. Here we can see a large increase in both downloads and number of packages available over the years:

In 2020 R celebrates its 20th birthday with the release of version 4.0. And yes, it’s free and open source 😀

R is everywhere