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Why Use R?

R is a popular language for solving data analysis problems and is also used by people who traditionally do not consider themselves as programmers. When creating charts and visualizations with R, you will find that you have a much greater creative possibilities as opposed to graphical applications, such as Excel.

Here are some of the features R is most famous for:

Visualization: Creating beautiful graphs and visualizations is one of its biggest strengths. The core language already provides a rich set of tools used for plotting charts and for all kinds of graphics. The sky’s the limit.

Reproducibility: Unlike spreadsheet software, R code is not coupled to specific datasets and can easily be reused across different projects - even when exceeding more than 1 million rows. Easily build reusable reports and automatically generate new versions as the data changes.

Advanced modelling: R provides the biggest and most powerful code base for data analysis in the world. The richness and depth of available statistical models is unparalleled and growing by the day, thanks to the huge community of open source package developers and contributors.

Automation: R code can also be used to automate reports or to perform data transformations and model computations. It can also be integrated in automated production workflows, cloud computing environments and modern database systems.