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Exercise: Select a name range

The gapminder_europe_2007 dataset contains economic and demographic information about European countries for the year 2007:

# A tibble: 30 x 6
  country continent  year lifeExp      pop gdpPercap
  <fct>   <fct>     <int>   <dbl>    <int>     <dbl>
1 Albania Europe     2007    76.4  3600523     5937.
2 Austria Europe     2007    79.8  8199783    36126.
3 Belgium Europe     2007    79.4 10392226    33693.
# … with 27 more rows

Create a subset of the tibble and compare the life expectancy in different European countries for the year 2007:

  1. Apply the select() function on the gapminder_europe_2007 tibble.
  2. Use the : operator and select the columns from country to lifeExp.

Note that the dplyr package is already loaded.


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