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Fill missing values


Fast fill missing values using constant value, last observation carried forward or next observation carried backward.


nafill(x, type=c("const","locf","nocb"), fill=NA, nan=NA)
setnafill(x, type=c("const","locf","nocb"), fill=NA, nan=NA, cols=seq_along(x))



vector, list, data.frame or data.table of numeric columns.


character, one of "const", "locf" or "nocb". Defaults to "const".


numeric or integer, value to be used to fill when type=="const".


(numeric x only) Either NaN or NA; if the former, NaN is treated as distinct from NA, otherwise, they are treated the same during replacement?


numeric or character vector specifying columns to be updated.


Only double and integer data types are currently supported.

Note that both nafill and setnafill provide some verbose output when getOption('datatable.verbose') is TRUE.


A list except when the input is a vector in which case a vector is returned. For setnafill the input argument is returned, updated by reference.

See Also


x = 1:10
x[c(1:2, 5:6, 9:10)] = NA
nafill(x, "locf")

dt = data.table(v1=x, v2=shift(x)/2, v3=shift(x, -1L)/2)
nafill(dt, "nocb")

setnafill(dt, "locf", cols=c("v2","v3"))


Extension of `data.frame`

MPL-2.0 | file LICENSE
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