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3-Step Workflow

Write Code

Building on top of VS Code’s editor, writing your application code is fast and reliable. We support R and soon also Python.

Deploy to the Cloud

All your functions—including objects, models and packages—are updated and deployed in real-time. When the time comes to use your model, it is already deployed.


Share QBits with your friends or colleagues by simply sending a link. Re-use existing QBits from our growing library. Fork QBits to modify them for your needs.

QBit Workspace

Editor Screenshot

Never waste time again setting up local dev environments.


Cloud first. Browser native.

Browser Native. Locally Connected

Create your data science products directly within the browser with QBit Workspace—without the need to install programming languages and packages or maintain servers. Additionally, you develop and upload QBits from your local environment.


All QBits can be immediately accessed through an application programming interface (API) to integrate your products into your applications including websites, dashboards or mobile apps.

Automatic Scaling

No matter how many users access your models - QBits scale automatically to your needs even if demand spikes up rapidly. A consistent response time is guaranteed.


  • 5000 API invocations
  • Unlimited private QBits
  • Priority support
  • 50.000 API invocations
  • Unlimited teams
  • 5 team members (each additional €5/mo)
  • SAML authentication
  • Download deployable Docker image
  • Enterprise support