We just launched QBits Workspace!
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The launchpad to deploy your Data Science results at scale.
Easy deployment and sharing of your your data science models without any devops involved. Collaborate with our community of data science enthusiasts.

1. Write

Create your function within your favourite text editor or through the QBit web interface.

2. Deploy

Deploy your function including objects and package dependencies within seconds and speedup your model development life-cycle.

3. Share & Re-Use

Share models with your friends and colleagues or re-use existing building blocks within your data science workflow.

Build together

Easily share data science functions with your friends and colleagues. Set permissions and collaborate together on your QBit functions. Be in full control of your model deployment life cycle: Track deployments of your team, create A/B tests and roll-back to previous deployments.

Really fast deployments

With QBit the deployment of R data science models has never been easier. After you have written and tested your prediction function use the QBit R-package to upload and use it in production.

QBit takes care of all dependencies and required objects. Depending on previously deployed R-packages your QBit function is live within 10 seconds.