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Boost your Data Science Productivity. Deliver results in seconds. Not weeks.

QBit Workspace is an online data science code editor for R and Python (coming soon). Share your projects instantly with collaborators. Deploy data science products through APIs and interactive apps.

QBit Workspace brings the full data science workflow to the browser. The entire environment including code, packages and the console is automatically synced and can be easily shared via link.

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Effortless Package Management

Install any package dependency including 16000+ R packages from CRAN within seconds. We have them all. Pre-compiled and cached.


Console. Reimagined.

We brought the classical text console to the web to make most of your code output. Share created outputs with your friends and colleagues.

Rich Data Previews

The console provides rich interactive previews for various formats including plots, tables and help.

HTML Widgets

Create exciting HTML widgets to visualise interactive plots or tables. Display maps, heat maps or clusters interactively with various filter- and zoom options. Use famous Javascript visualisation frameworks like D3, plotly or leaflet.

Code History

The console automatically preserves and syncs your history. Introspect past results and use integrated filters to focus only on the outputs you really need.

Data Explorer

Work With Any Dataset

Search, sort and explore your data sets right on the spot. Sort by columns, set ranges or use full-text search right in the browser for datasets which are even more than 1 Million rows large.


More to Come

This is just the beginning. Soon you will be able to enjoy great new features to boost your data science experience even further:

RMarkdown Reports: Create interactive reports and dashboards.

App Mode: Bring your data to live and turn your code into an interactive app with just a few clicks.

Private Workspaces: Make your QBits private for production use cases.

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  • 5000 API invocations
  • Unlimited private QBits
  • Priority support
  • 50.000 API invocations
  • Unlimited teams
  • 5 team members (each additional €5/mo)


Common Questions

Is Python supported?

Currently we only support R. We put much effort into making it a great experience and ensuring QBit Workspace scales to any workload size you can throw at it.

That said, Python is very high on our roadmap and will most likely be available Q1 2021. Julia is also on our roadmap although we cannot provide an ETA yet.

Is <package-123> available?
Can I create private Workspaces?

Still have questions?

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