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After months of hard work we are really excited to launch our brand-new course platform to learn and apply data science. Together with the new platform we also developed the first new course Introduction to R which is available for free now!

This release is a big milestone for us on our path to provide people with the best knowledge and tools available to apply data science. We think that programming—and data science in particular—should be taught interactively by seeing and writing real code. Our online course platform is built on an exhaustive amount of interactive coding exercises and quizzes.

But the technical achievement is not the only novelty. We diverged from a traditional course outline and completely changed how we structure our course content. Each chapter features a so-called recipe which learners can collect by finishing exercises. Recipes depend on each other and together form a knowledge graph. In the future, learners will be able to create their own learning paths based on the dependency structure of the graph and their progress. Collected recipes are available in your cookbook which gives you an overview of your progress.

Another cool feature is the achievement system. Code recipes can be collected in a cookbook so that learners can review their achievements. Once all recipes from a topic have been collected users get a badge. The course is finally finished when all the badges have been collected.

New Course Available for Free: Introduction to R

The first course module Introduction to R is perfect for newcomers who want to get started with data science. The course teaches the programming language R and covers the language basics so that you can transform data and make professional looking graphs and charts with little effort.


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A great course set-up to get a first insight into the workings of R and to wet your appetite for more – the possibilities seem endless. A very enjoyable experience, thank you!

Liza Glesener, SICONA

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