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Cheat Sheets are a handy way to have the most important facts right at your fingertips. Especially when learning new concepts or a whole programming language, cheat sheets can help to stay on top of all the new things you’ve just learned. When talking to learners we immediately sensed their big interest in getting additional materials to better keep track of important key concepts and code patterns.

Creating good cheat sheets is hard but there are many great examples in the R community. Most famously the ones created by RStudio should be mentioned here which are uniquely designed and very helpful. We carefully considered all the options concerning cheat sheets for our courses at Quantargo and ultimately took a quite different route.

The content in each of our course modules is structured through lessons which are further divided into different chapters. The key concept of each chapter is represented by a so-called recipe, which typically focuses on one code fragment at a time. For example, the recipe in the chapter Create a scatter plot with ggplot consists of the following fragment:

ggplot(___) + 
    mapping = aes(x = ___, y = ___)

We took advantage of our unique course structure and now show all of the completed recipes in one unified, interactive view in the course dashboard. This gives you a grand overview of the whole course – your personalized cheat sheet2 😮.

And yes, you can also download the cheat sheets as PDFs which are not only personalized but also reflect your current learning progress. With this latest update you can now download cheat sheets for all of our 15+ course lessons. The current PDF cheat sheets might not compare to hand-crafted ones in terms of design but we think that they help even better to repeat and memorize key concepts. Glad to hear your feedback!

If you’re not subscribed to PRO yet, the new cheat sheets and course dashboard updates are also available for our free lessons!

Start your data science now at and join our community of 2000+ learners. If you have already started this journey head over to your course dashboard to download your new cheat sheets.

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A great course set-up to get a first insight into the workings of R and to wet your appetite for more – the possibilities seem endless. A very enjoyable experience, thank you!

Liza Glesener, SICONA

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