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At Quantargo, teaching is a big part of what we do. You can use our platform to dive into new data science skills and to understand previously untouched subjects–all in an easy-to-use and interactive environment. Our online data science courses provide a pre-configured data science environment so that you can focus solely on the content.

However, for many of you this may not be enough. Assessments are a crucial prerequisite to prove your skills, show your strengths and detect your weak spots. You may need to prove your skills to a third party, such as an institution or an employer, in which case being able to prove your practical and theoretical skills is very important. This is exactly what we’re tackling with this latest update to our course platform, by introducing online assessments.

How it works

Our course lessons give learners a friendly and interactive environment to dive into new topics. If you forgot something while you’re doing an exercise, you can always go back to get a good grasp of it.

The new online assessments raise the bar as compared to the course mode. First you need to unlock the assessment by finishing the course. This makes sure you have got all the information you need to pass the test. Then, during the assessment you have only limited time available to finish it. Furthermore, while the assessment is ongoing all course materials are locked, so you can’t cheat by opening the course on a different device. Although your personal cheat sheets are still accessible during the assessment.

After passing the final course assessment, you get a unique certificate.

All in all, you really need to know what you’re doing in order to pass it–which is exactly what you’d want from an assessment!

Consolidate Your Knowledge with Trainings

The final course assessment unlocks your unique certificate, but also tests your progress for the whole course! Trainings on the other hand allow you to use start assessments per lesson. This is a perfect way to solidify your knowledge and find weak spots in your understanding the subject matter. All your attempts are saved for easy review afterwards.

Available Now

Online assessments, as well as trainings, are available for all 15+ courses and lessons. If you’re a PRO subscriber already you can go to your dashboard right now and start training!

If you’re just getting started, check out the FREE introduction course lessons Basics and Data Frames and Tibbles. After completion you’ll find the new “Trainings” button enabled in your course dashboard!

Happy learning ✌️

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A great course set-up to get a first insight into the workings of R and to wet your appetite for more – the possibilities seem endless. A very enjoyable experience, thank you!

Liza Glesener, SICONA

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